New Sessions 2020

Through the call for session proposals new sessions have been introduced into the programme of the EMS2020. They are listed below with the respective session number, sorted by the three Programme Streams. Also a number of sessions have considerably enlarged or revised the session scope, these are also listed below (marked "Revised scope").

In Programme Stream Engagement with Society (ES):

  • Valuation of climate services
  • Advancing the use of uncertainty information in decision processes

In Programme Stream Operational Systems and Applications (OSA):

  • Revised scope: Challenges in Weather and Climate Modelling: from model development via verification to operational perspectives
  • Machine Learning and Computer Vision in Weather and Climate

In Programme Stream Understanding Weather & Climate Processes (UP):

  • Metrology for meteorology and climate
  • Revised scope: Radiation, clouds and aerosols: from observations to modelling to verification
  • Cities and urban areas in the earth-atmosphere system

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